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Information for Patient without Physican Referral

If you are experiencing dizziness and vertigo, you may download the physician request form (here), and bring it along to your family doctor consultation. Your family doctor will determine if a dizziness and balance test, and /or an otolaryngologist consultation is required. If so, please ask your family doctor to complete the referral form and fax it to our clinic.

Our goal is to contact you by phone within three business days to review your medical information.

Please also ensure your ears are cleared from wax.

Evoked potential/ VNG tests are essentially safe tests, however, it is our obligation to point to their side effects. There are rare side effects for tests involved in the dizzy tests such as discomfort, pain, minor injuries to external canals, dizziness, tinnitus, laceration…These are rare side effects, please ask our audiologists during your scheduled appointment.

After the test, few patients may feel dizziness. As a precaution, do not drive home. Please arrange for someone to pick you up or take public transportation. If you cannot